Family Offices

We provide a consolidated view of financial and non-financial assets and ways of viewing this data that meet the needs of the different players in a family office environment. Every family is different but the need for high-end data reporting across entities and requirements around confidentiality remain constant.

Pension Funds

We aggregate heterogeneous data from disparate sources, with a focus on providing technical information such as risk ratios, asset performance and stock picks. This supports the decisions inherent to the role of the investment manager.

Trust Administrators

We shape information sources that allow for continuous valuation of a trust that supports regular and varied reporting to trustees. This enables clear decisions on investments, and up to date, on demand views of key aspects of assets in trust, including evolving legal obligations, ownership registration and asset transfer.


We provide high standards of reporting for financial and non-financial assets through a single proprietary platform. It covers the entire range of back office and reporting requirements including control and validation and comprehensive reporting. We work across a wide range of KYC, CRM and accounting system requirements.


We integrate data from a wide range of sources into a consolidated view. We also integrate new data requirements into our platform to evolve with our clients' and market requirements. Our expertise with all asset classes and our licensed development from MS BizTalk underpins our ability to deliver highly tailored data views for evolving organisations.


We design specific needs into our proprietary platform, tailoring it to meet specific current and anticipated future needs. This involves development and advisory services that complement the licencing of our standard product, if needed.